Saturday, March 22, 2008

"I've cared too much"

I've cared too much (about "you").

Now, I've realized, I don't really do care and that I don't know why I even did in the first place. Now, I'm on my own. I'm done caring for the things that doesn't really deserve my attention.

So, you're good. It's a given. What now after that? I don't see myself full and satisfied at your goodness. I can't and don't see how I will profit by and with it anyway. I don't even know you, or even if I do (or did), what is it to me?

People pass and go, and you don't really know who stays long. And those people who do probably aren't even in our life yet. What's next? What awaits our future? Uncertainty?


I don't think it's uncertainty... I just wanna call it "a perfect plan" that our minds cannot (and I do not even wish to) comprehend or fathom. I realize that [*there are] good things [*that] get better through surprises... :)

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