Friday, March 28, 2008


Your presence makes me crazy
It puts butterflies in my belly
It's funny cos it's true

I become insecure and silly
I'm freezing in your beauty
Whenever I'm with you

I pretend when your around
I try not to make a sound
I'm tame though I'm a hound

My feet're steady on the ground
When I talk, I stutter pretty loud
I feel my soul is bound

I don't know but it's just different
When I'm around my girl-friends
And when I'm with you

It's odd and inconsistent
With you I'm not so confident
Can't move, I'm stuck in glue

I guess they call it "crush"
A feel that gives a rush
Which tickles us inside

I try to hide my blush
I hide up all this trash
And just breathe out with a smile :)

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