Thursday, March 13, 2008

I wanna be a SUPERHERO

They have always said that we must "save the best for last". For me, it has become an erring principle. It has been malpracticed and/or at least, it has so far done too much damage than good in my life.

Don't put in store the things that must be done -- that is what I have learned. The more you get chances, the more you grab it. The reason why so many talented, skilled, and able people miss out on the very narrow chances of being in the spotlight is that they don't have the connections, and they "pass on" the chance for the reasons as follows: a.) be-humble-effect, b.) save-the-best-for-last.

We have just discussed in my Logic class the different kinds of Logical fallacies. One of the fallacies, named "the fallacy of accident" says that there is a fallacy committed if a general principle is applied to special cases. For example: a child was asked by his dad to stay in their house and not to leave until he returns. When the house where the child was on fire, the child, knowing that his dad commanded him to "stay" didn't move at all. As a result, oh, just guess what happened.

Some superhero might have saved that child's life, you might say. But, come to think of it, superheroes are not so common these days. We are in great need of superheroes... Define superhero -- the Jack-of-all-trades type of person who, though in all kinds of stresses and distress, still manage to do everything that needs to be done, is there for everyone that people think they don't have problems of their own, and are looked upon highly of others. Why? Cos they CHOSE TO BE SUPERHEROES. What is a superheroes life anyway? What are the decisions that they make? Are they just made superheroes for us to watch them? No. They are made superheroes because they chose to UTILIZE CAREFULLY and practically (maybe) the things that they can do and the things that they are. We are all the same, in some degree, and we must grab that chance to be a superhero in our own right too.

You can call it a superhero, a talent, a leader, a star, an "unreachable" or whatever, but I choose to call them "people who chose to believe in the things that has been given to them by God Divine."

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