Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just don't let you brain die up on you

You may feel down, disappointed and grounded
But you shouldn't give up
You may feel like everything's crashing down on you
But you shouldn't walk out
You may feel that you're going nowhere
But know that you're on track
You may feel that it's just too much
But you just have to realize that you can do it
You may feel really tired
But you just have to see that you've gone far

Whenever you feel that all this is happening
The more you stand up
Whenever your insides wage war against you
The more you keep yourself intact
Whenever the word is all shaking
The more you get strong
Whenever you're sunk so low
The more should you see and have fun
Whenever you're running after a fearful deadline
The more you should give your best

And all these will fix itself
Just neer give up
Just don't let your brain die up on you
And let the rest be history... ;-,

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