Monday, March 10, 2008

I Need You

A fast scribble of expression...

I need you
I wanna run into your arms
My eyes shed tears
Just to touch you, just to have you back

Or at least be back
To the place where you are
And feel you once again
Surrounding me, receiving me

This is all I wanna do
I shut my ears
From the world outside
Until you hear me, until you cover me

You see I am wretched
Without you written in my heart
And so I need you
Cos today I realized, I am lost

Let me cry
Let me not see anything
I forget the shame
Cos all I know is you, your name

I am not the same
Cos you have made the change
This is all I want
You in me, you beside me

(I just wanna be back!! I don't know where I belong ---)

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