Sunday, February 8, 2009

Am I Ready to Give You Away?

Sometimes, we think that we should leave the people we are closely attached to, romantically, brotherly/sisterly, or in whatever form of bond. It usually happens when we see and feel that things no longer work the way they do before, and when things don't turn out good.

It becomes difficult to stay in exactly the same situation with a person you know. There must be progression. Signs like wavering of relationships and bond only indicate progression. We cannot stay forever in our old ways. We must learn how to handle the new things and the changes in others. It doesn't mean that we should break away from the people we love. We should just progress with them.

Well, in the mean time, while you're pondering the point above, let me share a little something more for you to ponder on. Let's just say, "what if...". Let's imagine... ;)

Am I Ready To Give You Away?

Am I ready to give you away
To some place farther
Where you can surely stay
And where you'll feel better?

Is it worth the cost
To put you where you belong
Is it for the better cause
To just leave you along?

Tonight I ask myself again
Not sure what I should do
Am I ready to carry on the pain
My greatest dream, my you?

Written on February 7/8, 2008, midnight.

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