Saturday, February 7, 2009

Could I Only Look?

Sometimes there's this thought that the people around you obtain happiness and you're left out. Those "sometimes" are a reality. It happens. Those feelings really eat through you at times. I guess it's just that there are reasons why. It tells you that something's wrong. It's such a feeling of inferiority and worthlessness... but is it ever true that people can lose their worth? I don't think so.

At times that I feel so, I know one thing: I am of worth. I know that what I feel is the exact of opposite of truth. Feelings often deceive me anyway. This just leads me to a safe conclusion that I AM OF WORTH...

Anyway, just allow me to let go of those feelings. Treat the following as a work of art instead... and, if possible, something to learn from. ;)

Could I Only Look?

A lot is happening around me
Time takes its steps and things change
My eyes are difficult to see
As I'm getting older and older through the days

People smile and their faces shine
Babes learn how to speak, they obtain might
Happiness overwhelms them in the divine
Men and women reach great heights

Yet here I am with a thought unknown
Without a clue of where I'm headed
Could I only look at their renown
Left with nothing to rejoice at?

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