Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Adventurer

Aww, this one's a classic. I've written this year at about some time last year. Haha. I like this one because it tells of a story of chivalry, journey, and strength. I hope you get to like it too!

A journey of different images and endless joys in the pain, smiles, and flashes of medieval chivalry, and the stories that never end. That is how life's steps are. That is how I see it.

I may add more to lines in the future as I'm enjoying it. :)

He looks from afar
And sees how much he tread
He smiles at the war
At how much he's defeated

His adventurer feet ain't tired
He's not yet reached his goal
He'll go on with his ride
And climb the highest wall

In every fight he emerges from
He bleeds, he breaks, he shouts
Yet he survives to see the morn
And heals when in the shrouds

Awake, he is, he goes on
Sees the dawn, a light
This glimpse of east from the sun
Keeps him on the fight

More stories untold of him
Lie in wait, excited
The way that he writes his dreams
Makes me, you, ever delighted

Note: written last August 9, 2008 at somewhere in the midnight. I don't know but it was written some few or several minutes after the preceding one. Just re-posting. ;)

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