Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Wish You Knew

After quite some time, I'm finally able to write verses again. Antagal na 'rin ah! ;)

This one is very much self-explanatory. I don't often try to write too complex and brain-twisting ones as it is a bit difficult to do so. Haha. It takes a lot of philosophy than creativity, spontaneity, and inspiration to write those kind of poems. This is less apparently less philosophical than most that cross my mind which I usually don't happen to get to write at the end of the day anyway. :)

I Wish You Knew

I have been keeping this
Thing that I feel inside
I dream for your kiss
And yearn to be by your side

Whenever we're together
I put up a poker face
Our eyes meet on air
I don't want to end my gaze

When you're at your back
I'm tempted to embrace
In you I've no lack
My heart pounds in fast pace

I cant' keep nor stay
Just like this forever
I hope that soon, one day
I'll be in your surrender

Oh how I wish you knew
What I feel inside
That all I feel for you
Makes my world collide

Then you smile at me
When I thought it's over
A thing I'd die to see
Now I begin to wonder

I'm left with much thinking
The thoughts you seem to hide
Now I am pondering
What you feel inside

So, that's just about it! Sorry ah, 'yan lang nagawa ko. Hahaha! :))

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