Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Cost of Goodbye

Sometimes, we try to make ourselves fit where we really couldn't. Sometimes, we insist on fighting for something that isn't really for us. In the end, we only lose. And, if we don't, we gain nothing. It only tells us that the best option is to say goodbye. A new and greener ground is waiting. It is only waiting for our looking.

We might not know it but we have the tendency to push ourselves to something or somewhere that we don't really belong to. The reason is because we fear that we might not be left with anything to accept us. What we don't know is that our perfect place is only waiting for us.

We were made to fear almost about anything in life. It caused us to do silly things. In reality, however, there is a lot in store for us. It only gets complicated when where we presently put ourselves in begins to reject us, we have a hard time accepting because we got used to it already.

A natural reaction of the body to foreign elements (e.g. cough, choking, etc.) is to eject it. Much is the same for us in this world. If we could only look at it as a friendly way of telling us that we aren't there yet... But when has rejection ever been enjoyable anyway?

We fear. And, what sole way there is to solve it? You find out... ;)

The Cost of Goodbye

Sometimes, it's difficult
To let go of that smile
And of the streams of giggles
That you've always yearned for

Sometimes, it's hard
To give up on the good times
And on the dreams you've built
That you've ever hoped for

But sometimes, too
The only way left
Is the way down there
Where it undeniably stings

But sometimes, too
I seems all wasted
The time and love alike
When it inevitably hurts

And sometimes, too
You just have to pay
The simple but dreary
Cost of goodbye

After these times
When all had been over
And tears have bid their bye
Your eyes gently open

After these times
When you've learned a lesson
And when you're made stronger
You see a new door open

If ever I fall and cry again
It'd be worth the try
This time I'd pay again
The cost of goodbye

Written on February 7, 2009, 23:40

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