Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Deep

Sometimes, a person's depth goes unnoticed. But, there are times that it finally gets the attention that it so rightfully deserves. Sometimes, there are friends who sacrifice and bears the burdens of others. Sometimes, there are people who show you that they're okay and outwardly smile, but deep inside, they're holding something really heart-tearing. It's just that they don't have the luxury of spilling them out to you because it'll tear you apart too.

We are in need of friends -- people who can be there for you. We've been hearing the quote "no man is an island" over and over again. But this time, it really makes sense, doesn't it?

The Deep

Oh, I have this friend
Who always has a smile
And I'm grateful for that
It sheds me a mile

In my daily life
Of personal travel
I ask myself how
Can someone, for you, be there?

This is in light of the one
Who has been all-smiles
How you keep simple
And joy in others' flight

Cos you are the deep
And you are the blue
Who sheds inside tears
And bleeds for others, true

What you do not know
Is that there's a call at night
That sings your lullaby's
Rewards a gift of white

Note: written last August 9, 2008 at somewhere in the midnight, 13 minutes after the first one.

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