Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Smiling Pretender

These verses are just about humility and the praise of them. Humility entitles people with praise and rewards more than pride can give. :)

Look on below and read a simple and short story of humility. :)

The Smiling Pretender

He rejects with all his might
The praise that he all harbors
He giggles in the night
And braces in the fervor

He's king of denial
When it comes to his titles
But when he's sentimental
He keeps humble superlatives

The smiling pretender he's
Great in hiding light
But what he doesn't know is
Fire burns, comes out

Now this little captive
Is revealed to all
No longer will deceive
Will answer to his call

The days of pretense over
Masks hand-down at last
The mister has returned all after
With face in glimmer blast

Note: written last August 9, 2008 at somewhere in the midnight, after some few or several minutes after. Just a re-post. :)

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