Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Friend of Mine

Sometimes, friends from afar (literally) emote. They do. Hahaha. Sometimes, they don't. Well, at the times that they do, they feel inferior and worthless. That happens most especially when they see the gifts of other people that they [think] they don't have.

Well, to oppose that thought that only creates fear and anxiety, I've made a little something for a particular friend. May this dispel that fear. :)

This Friend of Mine

This little friend of mine
Made a simple request
Something worth remembering
Something that could express

Something that doesn't really
Happen that much usually
And for that, I think I owe him/her
Even if it sounds silly

A little something out
Of my unlimited stash
I can give him/her even if
It appears that it's not that much

However, there's a twist
Cos I consider this as art
I wanna say that this
Also came from my heart

So here's a little message
To my dear friend afar
Stay safe and blissful
I'm near wherever you are :D

Note: written last August 9, 2008 at somewhere in the midnight.

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