Monday, February 26, 2007

Give and take

I wish my heart wasn't made of flesh so that it could be able to handle all your love
Your love is amazing, it would make every genius a fool
I wonder how it would be if I had a heart made of stone?
Would it be better? Would I be better for you?

I'm always insecure of who I am and what I can give you
I feel I'm not enough, but you lectured me
You were the one who told me otherwise
You saved me from myself

I would've lost direction with love
I didn't know how to either
Good thing you were there
Made me look beautiful but deep inside just a fool

I look at the mirror and laugh at the image I see
I knew after I met you that I missed a lot of things in life
At last, I'm living, I now have the chance to breathe
So I ask of you one thing, only one thing for my whole life

You're there for me always when I think that you wouldn't be
Tell me that I'm wrong and what I think is too paranoid
Or else I would be compulsed to show you the things that you are
I'll be awakened inside and run after you

I will never let you go
This time, it's my turn to prove to you what love is
This time, it's my turn to teach you the things that you lack too
You were there for me, now it's my turn to be there for you

One thing's for sure, that I know
I want to cut it short and tell it to the world
Just a simple thought that I would like to say
We are meant for each other

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  1. nice mat! Ü kaw gumawa nian? woooaw... may tinatago ka plang skills ha.. hehe. hmm.. and mukang may inspiration ka sa paggwa ng mga yn..hmm! hala..!lagot! hehe. bt anywy, u cn be a good writer too someday Ü -ate sheen


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