Saturday, February 17, 2007

Youth and Hopes

17 years of age, that's the peak age. The peak of childishness, when they can still say that you're too young. I'm 17 by the way.

I've always thought that I was lucky 'cos I'm still 17, that I have a bright future ahead of me. But those thoughts eroded when something in my life happened. I just couldn't keep up, I couldn't let go. I told myself that I was wrong. I realized that my future's bleak and that maybe I'll be taking a dark path like it was innevitable. I thought that I could skip darkness and struggles in this stage of life, but it seems like it caught me empty-handed, unprepared. I'm a victim, a dead body of a crime. I couldn't escape it's sting, I thought. At first I thought that I could make it, but now everything I am is falling apart and I can feel it inside aching...

I need to wake up again, and remember who I am. I should remember my name, and the reason why I'm here. I once had a purpose, but I know it's not yet gone. It'll never be gone, it'll never be too late. I'll rise up once again 'cos I know 'tis's just a dream. Awake from my slumber, feel the fire's ember. Most of all, to see you once again...

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