Monday, February 26, 2007

Whoo, life...

I love food! Give me something to eat and I'll take a bite! But I am so ever weird! I'm beginning to get choosy over 'em! I love to eat but I may not love food... I love my stomach filled everytime. If I look back in time and search for the reasons why I am so, I get many answers. Maybe I missed a lot, not just literal food. I missed a lot in life. Many people do. The only difference is, I want to be different. I want change. I want something more. I'm not gonna restrict myself with my past. I'm not gonna let anything past get in the way. I am who I am and gonna make who I am. Wake up, wake up! You need to be always alert. Sleep only in the night-time, not when your work's all piled up. That's always the problem, we do things in the wrong time. A lot of times do we get excited and carried away. I wish we all learn. I wish we were all awake even if we're asleep. That way, we work both ways. Well, can't blame anyone. That's the way how life works. Not so many are perfect, I wonder if anyone even is. This is just one of life's riddle. This is just one of life's mysteries. I lose interest of the answers. Now am I content. Boo the way I think. Forget that I even thought about it, hahaha... It's just funny. ;1

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