Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Logic of love

I have told you everything, I am empty.
I have given you everything, I have nothing left.
I do this for you, I have no regrets.
I love you, I recieved everything I needed in life and need nothing anymore.

You are everything and you complete me
Each moment of my consciouisness
And the moments when I sleep and dream of you.
Thank you for existing, don't know what would be if you weren't there.
It would be much different, I can tell.
There I have proven that we were meant for each other.

You thought you have given me nothing, you were wrong.
You thought you wanted me away, you regret it.
You thought you wouldn't need me, you badly miss me now.
Don't worry, I'll be there for you.
I just wanted you to see for yourself.

Now your eyes are open, you never felt that way before.
You thought you would never feel that way, now you're happy you met me
And thank God that you feel that way.
Now you're complete, now I'm the one who has the greatest joy.
Now you're not alone anymore, now's the time for me to be more than ever there for you.
It's a lifetime commitment, it's love the way you never knew it

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