Friday, February 16, 2007

'A Speech'

This passage is for someone I know who I think is very, very special (as is everyone to somebody). I just want to share with you the content:

"People with wasting lives are like that, trying their very best to find comfort and security but they still search for it through their old ways (take note: OLD WAYS). But Chance isn't nothing to be called what it is. It itself acquaints with the people in need. When they (the people in need)come to meet their chance for real security and salvation from all they are, they walk away to their temptations, and there they are again, much worse than before. They're searching in all the wrong places but what they don't know and understand is that security and comfort and salvation from LIFE itself doesn't need to be sought anymore. It was sought way too much that they miss it instead. You've done too much searching but there's still nothing, isn't it obvious? What they should know is salvation itself is looking after them, running after them, but most commonly is it too late when salvation finds itself with no room when the person seems to have found something in its place, something that looks like the same but more likely a decoy to save them and make them breathe temporarily. They go over on a loop, going back again, falling again, crying again, and seeking for a cure again. Their life cycle should be called an 'again' life cycle instead of a 'life' cycle that means a lot-it's a matter of vital importance. In my words, life is LIVING, a gift, a blessing from the One who created it. To them that I know and see everyday, and talk to everyday, their life is death instead. They live a life of death, and got used to it. Salvation, on the other hand, still doesn't stop from following the person in need. It [I] will always wait, cos it's [I'm] not satisfied with life just wasted over and over again.

What am I for if not to help and do my job? I've decided not to live for myself but to live for God and other people. My subconscious mind is enough to take care of myself. Believe me, it works very well..."

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