Monday, February 26, 2007

Mystery in Your Heart

My heart pounds within me, my heart leaps for joy.
This feeling inside me, I swear I can't control.
I ask myself why I'm feeling weird inside.
Is there any reason, is there any cause?
Am I just blind, or am I just pretending not to know?
Why can't I just admit it, admit that I love you?
Why can't I just help it, can't help everyday falling for you?

Sometimes I get weak, I blame myself and lose control.
I hate myself whenever that happens.
I'm not worthy to love you if I ever do.
There I ask you to do one small thing that means a lot to me:
To slap me in the face so that I would regain my identity.
I must've been out of my mind, 'cause it's you always that I mind.
I always forget of reality, whenever it's you about that I worry.

Whoo, I hate myself, I know that this isn't who I am.
You loved me too for who I am, not for who I'm making myself today.
I know I shouldn't worry for love would always find a way.
Okay, you win, I lose, how the hell could I ever choose?
I've got no choice but in your arms.
There you have it, you made me happy again.
What's it that you're doing to me this time?
I ask another question in life, seeking for answers.
And after I do get the answers, there you have me again bewitched with what you do.
Again stunned and enchanted with that thing you alone have.
I never get the answers, only in your arms.

You've got a mystery hidden deep in your heart.
I'm like a treasure hunter that wants to find that out.
I wish I have known what it is by now.
I wish I had powers too, to do what you can do.
Your an enchantment uttered, and whenever it is I lose hold on reality.
You're my mystery...

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