Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When you feel tired

I'm sleepy, I'm tired, but I need to work hard.
I've been doing everything, even the work of another being.
I'm doing it all, but what's the point if I'll just fall?
I don't know what's next, if I ever finish this test.
Is there a finish line, a goal, a price for it all?

It's okay, it's just fine.
I'll just focus on a straight line.
I'll just look in a forward-direction, gather all my scattered attention.
I admit I've been shattered, I've been recently hammered.
I may have lost track of my goal, but only for a short time, that's all.

Here I am again, I have passed, another one of time's test, wanting you to lapse.
Anyway, just don't lose control.
In the end, you'll reach life's goal.
It's normal anyway, people sleep and wake up.
If you don't just simply give your face a slap.

Remember that this may be just a dream
Wake up and know that it's not what it may seem.
Get over it and go, you wouldn't want it to follow.
Say goodbye to tomorrow's trap
Believe me, you just made it through that 'crap'!

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