Sunday, May 4, 2008


I promise that this is my last one for the night, ehermm, morning pala! Wahh! :'(

I choose this one, no I choose that
I am now confused, I don't know what
There's no right one, no right fit
Is this the one, or is this it?

Excuse me lady, does it look good
If it doesn't, c'mon, I'll buy you food
Just tell me the words I wanna hear
Just don't make me drop another tear

What am I doing here, squeezing through
People I don't really know, strangers too
I'm lost in the party, I didn't know
That this is what I invested for

I've tried so really hard to fit
To be with them, to have a sit
But no matter how hard I try
Stupid, I end up with a cry

I won't try it anymore
I'll try to change what I'm looking for
Tried too much to be by your side
Now I wanna know who I am inside

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