Sunday, May 4, 2008

Forever You Are

You see, I don't really know you
I haven't really met you
Or if I did, talked that much to you
But yes, I did a little, but not enough to

Know you that much
That you were such
A good person, a nice catch
But now I'll spend my time to look and watch

I don't know if I'm in the position
To say something about you, is it my discretion
To like you, can I make that decision?
But I'll say something about you, and this is my reason

That you were the same as before
I liked you then, it hasn't changed today
As good as you are, still it is
Now you're here, and all I can say is, forever you are

Who can describe
With perfect words inscribe
Such beauty, no one can bribe
Every power will bow, every tribe

And I'm this person
Who's out of season
To be near you, I'll be in prison
Yet you are, you give me a reason

This miracle done
Just to be near you, after, I'd be gone
This to you I'll say one
That forever you are, my heart you own

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