Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm a head-turner
At least I think I am
I turn heads every once in a while
And I know, yes I'm certain
That they look in either awe or attraction

I'm a boy-next-door
And everybody loves me
I make them drool and drop their glasses
In a bar, or in a diner
I'm simply irresistable, don't you deny it

I'm a star
Everyone knows me
Because I'm that heavenly
Papparazzis stalk me
And they'd kill theirselves just for a shot of me

Yes, this is all true
Call me any way you want to
Just to express how much you want me
You don't need to bother telling me
Because I know it already

Yes, I still am
In this dream world, I ever am
And don't you dare wake me
Because even if you do
I know that I still am, in my world and yours, I am

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