Thursday, May 8, 2008

We're not the ones who makes the seed grow anyway... so why hesitate?

I mean, like, c'mon! It's not like we're the one who's supposed to do everything especially when it comes to work, right? Everything's done already and all is COMPLETE.

He plants the seed, not us so why should you fear like you're the star and you'll get disappointed when something happens? Silly! You're just the tool, not the sower! That is not your problem either. Stop minding what's out of your line, would you?

Isa pa, just don't act like it's all about you -- what you've done or what you do. Just do what you're told to do. Just do your part. After that, you shouldn't worry anymore. Making the seeds grow doesn't really rely on what you do. That's too old fashioned and out-dated, man! You're so conservative! Live the today, would you? Worrying would only get them trampled or uprooted because of your doubts.

I hope that you get used to the "NOW". The now is a different and new thing. The now says that it's not what we can do but what is already done. Of course, do our little part: doing or obeying, and believing. After that, don't let your doubt or fear or any inch of worry get the crops ruined, okay? If you could even do so, put on some fertilizers and declare them done. That would definitely make them grow faster.

Don't worry, those are insured. Don't even think that any outside force is going to ruin them: they won't. Those seeds are safely and securely guarded. You're the only one who can ruin it so it's really kinda silly when they get ruined if you get what I'm saying. Hahaha. :p

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