Sunday, March 4, 2007

Fear and Drama

This is just drama that I want to share, this isn't wholly true (as I have said, it's drama). Maybe it would be true if I were in the mood for drama again, hahaha :) I wrote this for my friendster account, but decided to remove it 'cause it was way too dramatic... Hahaha :)

I'm full of fear, fear of losing a person, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being loved, fear of someone to go [astray] the wrong way, fear of nothingness, fear of having no dream, fear of the reality of my hopes, fear of misbelief in my visions, fear of being not enough, fear of being unfortunate, fear of fear overcoming me, fear of everything not physical but that which determines the destiny of a person, fear of love [hurt] at the same to time to lose...

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  1. Each and everyone of us are full of fear.Who doesn't right? The mere fact that we encounter these unwanted "brouhahas", we are still inevitable of it no matter how great we are in avoiding them. Most of them serve as the roadblocks in our path. If we are full of these fears nothing will happen to our lives. We should learn on how to face them. A fear is a fear, you need to eradicate them in order to succeed. ;-)


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