Monday, March 12, 2007

Lose my Identity

I ask myself who I've turned into
Since the day I met you
A lot of things have changed
Including the things that we do

It seems like things
Aren't the way they were before
Situations get more complicated
Each moment that we breathe

I ask myself whose fault is this
Have I really hurt you?
Or something unexplainable
Just happen when they do?

Things are full of uncertainty
They seem too far from reality
I see today that things around us
Just aren't what they used to be

I thought we should be happy
But look at who we are now and try to see
Look in the mirror, not just at me
Some chains were definitely set free

Why is it like that
When we get nearer each other
Odd things happen
When we get closer and closer

Chance wants me to suffer
With such great loss
To either lose you or myself
It's difficult to decide

I don't know the reason
Why do I have to choose?
Is there a better option
Where nobody needs to lose?

I'm strong enough and I
Dictate the threshold of my strength
I know after this we'll see
That we've been through far beyond the sea...

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