Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stop now, I will go

The words come out
From the tears, they speak for me
The meanings come from the blood
That I shed in my heart, inside me

I see only black and white
I am living inside history
This is just a dream
But this is reality to me

You haven't seen because
You didn't open them eyes yet
You didn't want to see either
Cause you already knew the truth

You were the one who did this
How could you not know?
But I ask this question more
How could you endure?

I have the answers in my pocket
I know that you're afraid
I've told you a thousand times
The same thing over and over again

It hasn't remedied anything yet
Nothing, not a gain
You're still searching for solutions
To the questions that you've scribbled

I know what to do now
I'll go there where you are
To the place that you avoid
Where you fear to tread upon

Not alone but with you I will
I will go before you, You will see me
I will take all the harm in the way
Just to make your fears go away...

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