Thursday, March 1, 2007

Rescue Mission

I cannot go in life astray
I cannot change this way I'm in
It's the same thing everyday
Your name is what it says I hear

The things that I feel inside
I know that I can never hide
No matter how I hard I dare ever try
It's just there, it wouldn't lie

I cannot conceal
These wounds, they just won't heal
Until you're here for real
And you from time I steal

It won't heal til you're there
It won't do til I've shooed away the scare
Til your last drop of tears I've spared
And I've replaced it with a smile

This is one thought, this will never change
I have one mission, never let your life exchange
A mistake is enough, I can forgive you now
You won't need to ask, It's all done

I'll never change what I say
I'll tell you everyday
I'll come there even if you're far away
I'll cross the shore with my feet bare

I won't swim, I will walk on water
No matter how you hide, I see through
The darkest cave I'll go into
Only just to find you

Come back here in my arms
A hug that you long you'll find
A warmth you've missed your whole life
It missed you too all the time

Let's walk together, do not be afraid
My mood's changing 'cause I know now you're here
I hope everyday, and I know it's true
I don't just believe, I know and I see you

I see visions, and I know again
I am informed though it is not yet
I know that you're there safe
I am secured that you now can sleep

Just know that I won't change
I won't hold back the words I've let
I'll wait, I'll know the thought you'll get
Til you remember your fears not ever...

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