Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Screw Love

Love? What is it? Let us ask ourselves what it is. Let us look at how it is used and misused just about everywhere.

A couple sleep together to screw one another in the dark of the night. After their shakes and sounds, they ask each other, "who are you, what's your name anyway"? Their faces freeze like they've seen a ghost after the passion, and they begin to catch an idea of what they have just done.

Is that love? Of course, they both introduced themselves and told things about their life, but is it enough? They hardly know each other and make an excuse. They say, "we'll get to know each other anyway". What's the sense of doing it? It's like they're trying to say that they should know one another because they love each other. Not like the way that people know that they love the other and they know one another. What an excuse. They're building the non-existent, a nothing.

But, what is love anyway? All I know and all I can say is, it was there even I was born. It definitely cannot be found in the sensations of the habits that people has built up at night with another person that they hardly know or something else. It is clear that what they are looking for are toys, not love and joy. It's hard to put it in their hearts if you're not with them, if you're not involved. Unless you get involved, unless you teach the person firsthand what love is, they would be clueless [if not for a miracle].

I do believe that love also comes as a package with forgiveness at instances, right? Let us all learn and try to seek out what love really is...

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