Thursday, March 1, 2007


Like a lamp-light, I can sleep at night
Peacefully I look at it, lulling me to sleep
A light in a dark night, how wonderful's that light
I wanna be, I long to be, a light that lights your life

I was hypnotized, I am relaxed by the light that you have fed me
Oh yes, you lamp-light, oh how you have allured me
What mystery is it in you has ever dared encaptured me
To see deep inside you, to see something unseen

When I look at you, you disappear, but when I don't you come back
When I touch you, you hide, but at night you fall back
It pleases me, it touches me, I don't know the reason why
It amazes me, how you have brought me to a secluded place on high

You're magical and enchanted, nothing but you're all
I breathe deeply, I exhale effortfully, you have taken my breathe away
No one's done this to me, this weird magical feeling, as if I'm in such a high-tree
I'm up in the sky, on the top of a hill, on a tower I see everything

Everything down there's clear though it's night, cause you are my light
Thanks to my lamp-light, I can see clear even when I'm blind...

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