Sunday, March 4, 2007


Times are different, aren't they?
Just look at who we are today
How unlikely contrasting to who we were yesterday
I wonder what time has done to change us

I know my eyes are fooling me, I won't believe
I'll stop listening to the fool inside telling me all the lies
It only started when I began to get scared
Then, I'll stop, I'll become fearless

I'm fearless, isn't it weird?
After every word that I've whispered
All the fears that I've uttered?
Yes I am guilty, but I will prove it

You won't see me anymore the way I was
It wasn't me in the first place
It's time to return to who I was before
Before fear began haunting me

Oh fear, what has gotten into you?
Where did you even come from?
Before I didn't have you, now you say that I love you?
Now I am troubled, all 'cos of what you've done

I'll finish it now, wipe your tears away
Stand up and begin to pray
Say sorry for being weak, and loving fear's stare
The things that have scattered on the ground I pick-up again

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