Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An Open Page

I am an open page, a page in the book of your life
It is time for you to write on it, to create my story
But would you leave me blank, would I be invisible?
Would you just pass me by and leave me, instead, unopened?

One thing's on my mind
I'm a different page
'cause I have hands of my own and I create my own story
Let me create the best of it in your life

If you would try to ignore me, I'm gonna do it
I'm gonna get your attention
And am I gonna do everything to make the best out of it
And I have learned from the experience

I knew then that I am the one who should stand tall
Until you're strong enough
Until you're not hurt anymore
Until you're convinced and surrendered

Well I am gonna wait, but I won't wait idly
I am gonna catch your heart in every glimpse
I am gonna radiate among the crowd and make my own ink
So that as a page, I am complete, ready for you to read

You're gonna figure out in the end
That even though I am an unopened page
Even though I am not yet said
I am the only page that makes your book...

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