Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beauty in November

I sit outside gates of this house
I gaze towards the grayish clouds
They're really dark and block the sun
It's quiet there's the lack of fun

But I stare again around me gently
I examine things that are beside me
And now I can see the inner beauty
Behind the fogs of reality

This darkness is only for a season
In all that happens, there's a good reason
Let us explore the sides of colors in the skies
Beyond the walls that cloud our eyes

In every season there is beauty
We just need to unlock it like a mystery
Let us adjust the lenses of our eyes
To see [the] real beauty in its disguise

Seasons of sorrows in the brink of night
And laughter in the height of daylight
They're all just the same being
Just one in different clothing

It is such a great and wond'rous discovery
When you begin to see the real scenery
Behind the things that sometimes seem
To temporarily rob our serenity

Writer's notes: I've shared this to the Birthday boy of today, este, Birthday king pala hehehe. I've told him about my [this] reflection before, greeting him in advance for his birthday.

It's about time there is life in what I'm writing, not just mere exercise and expression. Dead naman hahaha.

Eto pala yung original na dapat na i-gift ko (simple gift actually) para kay Kuya Pao, compared ba naman sa worth niya sa'ten diba? Ahehe. (Oo nga naman, come to think of it...) hehehe, at may mga reflections and realizations pa? Galing talaga.

There's always lot to learn (and that is to sleep na siguro, I guess hehe. 1 AM na naman, gising pa rin!).

God bless everyone and to the special birthday celebrant. May he feel special and stop denying it! Hehehe :) Cheers for him! :)

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