Saturday, November 24, 2007


Walking not knowing where to go
Walking swaying while I step
I do not know where I might land
Not assured, nothing to expect

On a trip to a far away land
On my bare feet I stride
I wonder what I'd get
When I reach that place unknown

This track is shaking
Trying to ruin my within
The earth is quivering
And now I need someone to

Take me by the hand
And lift me from my place
I do not wish to walk anymore
But I wish to fly with you

In the end I grew
Afloat from the land
I can fly, I knew
When I began to see your light

Writer's Notes: I thought of writing a poem or blog about vertigo because whenever I walk at the foot bridge outside La Salle, I get vertigo. Hahaha. It's a wooden bridge. I related it to us when we walk alone in life. We are made dizzy and we need help. I figured it is better to 'fly' than walk. And of course, that is figurative. Maybe it is better if we 'flew' in this life, if we made the best of everything and not let the weight of the world pull us down like gravity. See where I'm getting at? Hahaha...I thought so...

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