Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ode to Truth

It's this truth
That I'm not that aware of
Who was and is responsible
To be blamed for all this

It is this reality
That has forever changed me
And such has opened my eyes
To a new form of beauty

Since before I clung to you
Believed though I see not clearly
Your hands that are now upon me
Now I see are stretched fully

This honesty
It is living reality
And this you must see
He's (It's) given all for me

It is admitting that this is my limit
And moving onto a new dimension
And from thereon accept it
A world of no limitation

When all in this world is open to you
And accept you with their own arms open
What liberty is there found everywhere
Everyone free, no man under slavery

Writer's notes: Yeah, this is how I describe truth. Once we accept the truth and be open with it, we are made freer. Wether it be failures or success, when we accept or face the truth, it is made better. If failure, turned right. If success, turned more.

Note the last stanza that I wrote. It says that when all the world is open to the truth, this world will begin to change. Fears will go away and deceptions and fallacies that once haunted people from moving or doing something are now gone. TRUTH!

Hahaha, honestly, one of my inspirations in writing this is when I talked to Venice this afternoon at school regarding some important stuff. She reminded me of the 'Honesty Award' that I've received in the recently held BUTIL Lasalyano (Batch 5, ENERGY!). Hahahaha... on my way home, I've thought a lot about it, relating it to a lot of stuff and I came up with a lot of insights and this poem. That's just about it. Hahaha :p

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