Friday, November 9, 2007

Away from Distraction

If we let [our] emotions rule us
When we let temptation mesmerize
If we believe the things that fool us
We are drawn to compromise

When will you stop and realize
That things here won't complete us
When will we stop to patronize
Things here that distract us

We miss out the importance
Of things around our beings (--means existence)
All because of ignorance
We're swayed from our real purpose

Let's keep ourselves collected
And away from [our] distractions
Let's cool up and believe that
We're able to resist them

Let's not allow ourselves to be
Overwhelmed by our obstructions
Let's open our eyes and see
Beauty and affection

Writer's notes: I wrote this kasi, I've reflected a lot about distractions in this life. We should live our lives focused and undistracted. We should always believe in ourselves and we must never compromise for comfort. Comfort is a fake. It is a deception. We should REALIZE BY NOW that life is no joke, not a bed of roses. Only then will we pass the gates of these fallacies and enter into REAL comfort. But, it is an everyday decision, everyday practice.

I remember before that in church discipleship that I heard this from Pastor Cora (though it may not be that accurate or precise, please bear with me):

"an action leads to a habit
a habit leads to a character
a character leads to destiny..."

This isn't pretty much the same but it's similar. Hehe...(different yung dalawang yun ah hehe) ayun, in continuation, we should always be on track of our LIFE mission and purpose, and we should not be distracted. If we get distacted, we'd be back again in life's foolish convenience and mundanity and complacency.

Let us work for a better self, always trust God (and that is always the bottom line). Let us also believe in the abilities that He (God) has given us. He wants us to use it wisely while He's away. He's watching anyway, but He's very forgiving. Let us not waste another day.

God bless us all!

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