Saturday, November 10, 2007

Emergency Holler

I see discomfort from your eyes
Yet you show us that you smile
I can't help but ask you why
You cover up and lie

I trust in who you are
Forget things you might do
I'd patch up all your scars
I'd be there and heal you

When will you run for cover
And begin to pour it out
Tell me your concerns and anger
I'm here to help you start

You relied on what you thought solution
You were trying to conceal
Your silence seemed the best resort
But the wounds still wouldn't heal

But it all seems invisible
Your whole being like a mystery
You're too frail and gullible
Don't think you're enough free

The more you think you'd handle
Darkness becomes your master
You're sunk low in this puddle
And you're devoured by this monster

When you're so through and tired
Like in an emergency holler
May there be a hand out
So that life wouldn't be unfair

Writer's notes: Sana ma-solve na yung problema 'mo'. Pero how? Sana lang when we're all tired of this maze, this confusion, may way out when we give up...I'm beginning to get tired...ilang oras ko na to ginagawa...di ko ma-express...mixed emotions kasi eh, and divided attention...minsan, darkness becomes our master, when it should be a monster. Sometimes we dwell too much in darkness kasi it's comfortable and there seems no way out. It makes you tired pero sometimes we enjoy it -- un ang mahirap. Mabuti na ring mapagod tayo para in the end, we'd give up -- to Him...we'd give up fighting...we're done and through of doing it all by ourselves...we're done waiting for an opportunity that wouldn't really come...cos when we give it up, only then will the opportunities open...

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