Thursday, November 1, 2007

November's (Halloween's) Eve

This probably is my last post for this morning of november's first dawn. 1:05 AM on the clock.

This Eve is different than Halloween eves I had before. It's not at all scary were you think of ghosts to scare yourself and think that you're stupid after a while (cos nothing happens).

To top off what's different about this Halloween eve, I'll include the reason because it had a meaning for the first time. It's kuya Pao's birthday today, and that is someting special. He's the only person I know whos birthday is on the drop of November 1. That's a spark of life in it, adding colour to that day, adding meaning, adding much significance.

Aside from meaningful and special birthdays, I've gone out in thinking of ghosts and spirits. I've discovered new and much interesting significance for the day.

Here they are (people approaching). I think I've said enough to call it a day.

God bless everybody! :)))))))))

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