Saturday, November 24, 2007

Walking Together

If I go along this direction without your fire
I'd be lost here in the dark if I'm without you
Would I last long, or would I just tire
If I was alone and find may own way through

If I walked alone under the pouring rain
Carrying all the weight not knowing where to go
Without you here, what can I gain?
Would I have the strength to face [my] tomorrow?

I would go on if only you were here
I know I'll make it through if we walked together
I won't take anymore step until I have one thing
I'll only move when we're walking together

I wasn't meant to walk alone
But all these to run with you
You are inside and we are one
There I know I'm found in you

Writer's Notes: Wrote this one morning that I woke up. I was asked to run errands (to buy some food for breakfast). It was dark and raining. I thought it would be harder to walk alone. So, it resulted to this. Hehe...

Thanks to manang who was there with me to accompany me (or actually, I was the one who was accompanying her since she didn't know where to buy the best pandesal in the village. Hahaha!). I felt her (manang's) presence as important. I immediately felt the difference of being alone and walking under the pouring rain with someone there with you. The latter is WAY MUCH BETTER. I tell you. :) Kaya, people out there who are making drama and want to shut off other people from their lonely and sad lives, *batok sau* (a toinks on your head, hehe)! Think again, you hard-headed kiddo! We're here for you :) we love you!

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