Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Times I Doubt

Sometimes, I doubt
Wond'ring if you still know me
Sometimes, I get clumsy
Thinking you don't remember me already

But it's really stupid to
Continue living on something
That you know isn't true
Why don't you live on, man?

The ones I knew before
That I used to say hi to
Are still the same ones
My heart and trust I've shared to

Sometimes, it's hard to
Accept that things are not
The same things they were before
Why don't you move on, man?

But, yes, I know
Things are not the same
But the people I knew remain
I am sorry, now we're free

Writer's notes: Yep, I admit. This is SO true. I'm a very dramatic person kasi. Sometimes I OVERLY calculate things too much that I quickly judge from a particular situation or reaction that people that I once used to be close with (or at least had a connection with) are getting colder. Duh?! The stresses and the lives they're all living and I can say that? Hahaha... like I am the only person in this world... yep, that's right. That might be the perfect and exact reason why I am like that. Cos of the NEED and DEMAND for attention. Hahaha :p

Yep, admit it, everybody! Yeah, you! Ikaw din! Yung nagtatago pa! Hahaha, yes, you guys! Admit it! Sometimes we demand that attention! That comes out of us, it all shows. Some through clothing, through glamour, some through demandingness, some through doing some other things, some through sorrow, some through utter silence (but deep inside desiring attention), some others not showing it (paka-introvert talaga, soper! Hehe), and many more ways! We are all different and unique individuals that's why we have varying ways of expressing things inside us that we don't even know of (or aware of). It lies in the subconscious states of our minds or in the depths of our hearts -- our longingness for [that] attention.

I thank God that he's balanced me out. I thank Him cos though I do need attention (too at times or most times hahaha), I can consider myself luckier than some people around me who don't speak it up, yet I see it in them -- the need for love. In return, I wanna be an instrument of God to reach out to them in any way I can be and extend God's love through the love that He's given me... ayos no? Totoo yan, walang ka-mushyhan kundi complete honesty... hahaha...

Isa pang point (another point), sometimes I think that some people has forgotten me when they don't react at times that I want them too (when I'm on one of my unpredictable, expecting-[too-much] moods). But, the next days to come, only for me to find out that it is not the case. I was being paranoid. Haha... still, I love them all pa rin and I thank God for everything :)

Till here. :p

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