Tuesday, November 6, 2007


"If I’ll have the chance to be a pinoy super hero, I’ll choose Lastikman for a lot of good reasons.

Lastikman reflects a true Filipino heart. He is a good image of what a typical Filipino is. He has a lot of good Filipino traits.

One of Lastikman’s good traits is his being a family person. We Filipinos posses or have a good bond with our families. We use “ate” and “kuya” to show respect for elders. We “mano” on elderly people and we respect our parents. Lastikman practices and does all of that. He loves his family so much and even balances his time that he spends in saving other people and the time that he spends with his family.

Another reason why I like to be Lastikman is his love and compassion for others. He shows kindness to strangers on the streets and with the power that he has, he chooses to protect people.

Lastly, Lastikman is a very humble super hero. Even though he has superpowers and he is above ordinary people, he still chooses to remain low and he does not abuse his powers buy using it for evil and his own benefit, but instead, he helps and saves others.

He’s a very simple person that you won’t see a trace of his superhero ability and his superpowers if you meet him by the road.

Lastikman is a good-hearted person. His good heart that he has when he’s a superhero is just the same when he’s on his ordinary human form or disguise. His heart is his greatest possession that makes him a real ‘superhero’.

I believe that if anyone has the same heart that he has, even without superpowers or abilities, they are super heroes."

Writer's notes: I wrote this for Ate Grace's 2nd grade nephew. Hehe. Just a post :)

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