Sunday, November 4, 2007


I won't believe you
I know, it's not true
These are all lies
I haven't lost you

Why do you keep pushing
When you know it won't push through
The bars of truth, reality
The gates of such virtue?

Stop all these lying
He's left there and crying
Catch all his tears and
Start seeing him smiling

You do not own supremacy
You know it ain't true
I'll write my own history
Whatever push you do

Infuse truth in your eyes
Silence all these made-up stories
Start to see everything synchronize
Shut off all these fallacies

Writer's notes: Whenever you feel like losing in this life, in it's game, do not believe in it. Do not believe in failure. Failure is just a deception. Stand once again on your feet, practice your feet into walking till they're strong enough and until you're able to stand. Believe. Believe in Him always... Believe in who He say you are, and be aware of your identity, of that secured position on secure ground...

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