Friday, November 9, 2007


It's been hours and time is ticking
You're still not here and I'm still waiting
All this time I watch stars shooting
No hint of you, not even a warning

I stare with intent over my phone
Waiting here for a ring, a tone
I've been long sitting here all alone
Just enough to turn me into stone

I ask God for any sign
I know that I'm out of the lign
Fuzzing too much about your hands in mine
The time before that were so fine

This sure makes me so very lonely
But then I hear you suddenly call me
My gray world now begins to leave my sanity
Absconding and making me the most happy

It's been traffic, so you tell me
I've forgotten the long wait that has consumed me
You're worth the time that I felt empty
Now you're here by my side, so lucky me Ü

Writer's notes: Wahaha, di ako makatulog, it's 3:38 AM na when I wrote this one. Wala lang, gutom pa ko this time and 7:30 AM - 7:00 pa class ko sa following day, what the life? Hehehe...ang mushy no? Hehehe. Ü

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