Monday, November 5, 2007


Our faces shining
We see a library of truths
In front, a mirror showing
Not just agony but thoughts

Focus your eyes gracefully
Beyond what our eyes show
[Again] Observe carefully
Take your time, take it slow

It's a start of demise
Of your old man's reason
And it's the birth of promise
When you start to vision

When we see what it shows us
That truth is beauty
And reset our minds
From all our learning

We'll thank the mirrored images
That we used to point fingers
They are not mere lies
They show truth otherwise

Writer's notes: Sometimes [or for some, most of the times] when we see ourselves in the mirror, we don't see beauty. I wrote this so that we might be moved to see the beauty in the mirror. Let us appreciate what we have. They are not just things to hurt us, but it is a new set of learning. Forget a preset bad image of who you are. Put some value in yourself. When you see your weaknesses, don't be bothered, don't be afraid. They show beauty too. Read Romans 7:13-21. We see and feel weakness because we are 'aliens' from it. You are lucky. There are people who are numb of ill-doings. But you aren't... Put on some worth on yourself because you already have it...

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