Tuesday, November 27, 2007

DevStud is now Officially cool!

Uh-oh, sorry, not cool but WAY cool!

Just finished an über short conversation with (Ate) Joycen (as she was our facilitator before in BUTIL). I was lucky I got a chance to even talk with her for such a short while, considering I got home late this evening and logged on my YM account for some important matters/conversations. We talked about a few things -- about how I am, a few inspiring insights, a few more things, and not to forget, DevStud (or Developmental Studies).

Developmental Studies or shortly known as DevStud, based on my limited point of view, is focused on studying 'DEVELOPMENT' per se. It may be the development of our nation, our country, or the world. And evidently, we badly need that development in our state (or nation). Ate Joycen and I have talked about a few stuff regarding Dev'tl studies and we both agree that it is an interesting course. It's not just an interesting course -- today, it is a necessity of every corner of the world (that needs development). Who doesn't need development? The so-called "already-developed nations"? Do they stop seeking any further development? Maybe not. Much more, maybe, we who are a part of a less-developed nation have a great need for such development.

Ate Joycen said that we need to know more about development especially during these times -- the post-modern time. Another former irregular classmate of mine (whom Ate Joycen also knows of) who also was a DevStud stude brought up a topic on Globalization in Terms of Information Technology for our lecture-forum -- a requirement for our class. Very interesting. Globalization + Post-modern times -- does it ring a bell? Guys, and to everyone who's reading this, we are at this current condition! And does anybody care or even do anything about it? Only a few!

Let's go back to the conversation I had with Ate Joycen. She said that it was an interesting course yet only a few choose it. "Many are called, but few are chosen", so it is. Only a very few number of population from this world knows it real essence, Ate Joycen says, and it is fortunate for one to know what DevStud is.

I told ate Joycen that if I could be a jack-of-all-trades, I would definitely hit on Developmental Studies too. The things you'll learn about the REAL world and everything -- not just technicalities that you learn in my Bachelor's Degree.

Our conversation ended with talking about someone we both knew -- a blockmate of hers and a former classmate of mine in one of my minor subjects. Ate Joycen had to go immediately yet I kinda grasped the whole of it for a moment -- and it was awesome. A seed, it is, implanted in my heart tonight...

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