Sunday, November 4, 2007


Some are undeserving
Of that attention you've given
Of that treatment you've showed them
Yet they recieve all of them

Some are undeserving
To recieve things that way
To be cared for that way
Because they throw it all away

Some deserve more
Yet we don't look their way
Yet we ignore them always
And a question hangs

When will this end?
When will the arrows point
Towards the right direction?
When is [from all of this,] the moment of salvation?

We wanted things that are not for us
We failed to see things meant for us
Now let us [let Him] open our eyes
And see more than our expectations

Writer's note: Aren't we all undeserving? Yet we still recieve. Let us look on the right direction, let us direct our lives on the right track after being aware of this reality. And, this isn't just us, we pour out our hearts into things that doesn't really deserve it. We praise, we worship other undeserving things too much. This time, think again. Think were that praise, that worship should really go. Who is really deserving? Reflect [on] with what you have today. Examine the things you possess. You might not see that those are things that you should treasure and truly cherish. We might not know that we have it all already yet we still look aside, not knowing what we need in life is in front of us. Open our eyes... Let 'Him' open our eyes...

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