Friday, November 9, 2007


As I sit, I think of you
Fearing things I know ain't true
Wond'ring where you might be right now
Wishing you'd be here already somehow

I try to supress this feeling inside
I believe the good things, the doubts I hide
Waiting for the doors behind to slide
Till you're here just by my side

It's been hours and ages that I sit
You seem to be not able to ever make it
But patiently, again, I put my trust
I hold onto your words, I'll try to last

I knew before what I entered into
When I let my heart [to] be closer to you
I will not blame you for whatever you [might've] done
The day again's approaching, it shows the sun

I'd forgive and I'll forget your frailty
A thousand more than the infinity
If that's not enough, I'd give more
Until you'd look me and now adore

If though to you my heart I give
And you hold back and me you leave
It's just a stage to prove [to] you back
Of what real love is all about

Writer's notes: This is about forgiveness. People [that we love] may hurt us, but that's what love is all about. (To think that I'm actually saying this, haha, I should really learn this! :p) Real love forgives and is unconditional. It asks nothing in return. Though, the right response is gratefulness, love is still giving. Hmmm... :) hehehe

BTW, this is actually a variation of another one that I wrote entitled 'Traffic'. Hehe...I wrote it at the same time with a difference in a few minutes lang hehe. :) Kaso ito, about the person failing you, and you forgive, and then comes reality. Yung isa naman, it's comedic. In the end, paranoia lang pala, kelangan lang pala ng konting trust and there you have it. Patience pays. Pero beware of false patience. Baka sometimes we are patiently waiting for what we know isn't for us (or we aren't aware yet). Hehe. :) Wahahaha, am back to bloggin! :p bleh!!! Wahehehehe

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