Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Escape (Take Me)

Should I hide in this shame?
Should I take all the blame?
Tell me now, should I?

Should I accept all the failures?
And drown myself in its lies?
Oh should I? Shouldn't I?

I'm waiting for you now to come and save me
I ask you now to come and save me

Take me to your sanctuary
Take me now, come on and save me
Oh take me, oh take me

Take me from my darkest hour
Take me now to a place afar
Where you are, where you are
(Where your love is)

Sway my eyes from seeing only imperfection
And place them now into Your true salvation

Stretch for me now your hands so mighty
And let it be my escape, my liberty

Writer's Notes: this is what happens when you're so tired, so stressed up, so pressured, so scared of the things to come (lalo na about political stuff and other responsibilities in school, at home, at personal life, and other people) -- you ought to write a song. :p

Haha...I was pondering a lyric that I made -- like I was praying. I really needed His sanctuary to cover me. Biruin mo, halos wala nako sa tamang pag-iisip while crossing the busy street of Pala-Pala, Dasma, and super big pa ng mga buses na dumadaan, that I got really scared. Sabi ko na lang, "Hay, just protect me O God, let your angels move my feet", hehehe...ayun, parang pakiramdam ko after I crossed the street (na barely mabangga ng jeepney), I felt and believe that angels really moved my muscles and moved my feet. Really scared ako nun thinking I might die or be in an accident -- sobrang into pieces utak ko that time pero I was saved.

After crossing the street, I was thinking of a melody, and lyrics at the same time. Dun pinanganak ung line na 'Take me to your sanctuary, oh take me, take me...' and I had the melody in mind. Then, I took the time to sit sa SM, sa isang bakanteng metal na upuan sa ground floor, sticking out my notebook from my bulky bag and began to write the lyrics, thinking of the melody at the same time. I repeated the melody a dozen times so that I could remember. It worked out well.

Now, as I am seated here in front of this PC, typing my blog (hehehe), I also tried to key in some chords -- Key of D. Wow, okay siya. Ganda ng result. Still finishing the chords and stuff.

Read on the lyrics, those are the complete words and thoughts and feelings that I needed to express.

You know what? After releasing, after uttering that prayer-like lyric and melody, I felt better. Parang nawala na yung bigat sa loob ko. Check out my shoutout in, related ata ung ginawa kong shoutout eh.

Sige, nightie-outzzz!!! :p

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